About Coastline

Welcome to Coastline, the most comprehensive listings for expats in Busan.

We show listings, events and information about Busan in a way that no other websites have done before, by connecting each related pieces together and showing in a way that makes most sense.

We are also introduce the various travel plans that are verified by us on our own foot to earn your trust.

Coastline is in beta and we are adding more information and listings everyday.

We really thrive to improve and we want to hear from you.

If you want have any inquires, don't hesitate to contact us via contact page.
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Our Story

On July 2018, Seyong and Gyeongnan started the Coastline Facebook page and Medium blog to share expat's information.

On September 15th 2018, we've launched the Coastline website with listings, events, and information in Busan.

Our plan is to expand to Yangsan by beginning of November and to be able to cover Gyeongsangnamdo by beginning of 2019.

Meet the Team

Seyong Cho
Gyeongnan Gwon